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DAMON has found his furrytail ending!

Foster failure # 2 for September is our lovely senior gent, Damon! Although foster failure is a common term to illustrate that the carers have 'failed' to be able to part with their beloved foster dog, we like to classify this not as a failure, but as a big mutual WIN!

This was definitely the case for Damon, who has spent almost 6 months with SHAMROQ whilst having some health issues addressed. It turns out that his foster home is the best possible place for him to stay, in the tender loving care of Kim & Jesse.

During their time fostering Damon, they sadly lost their Shepherd girl, Una. Someone once wisely told us that it eases the grief of losing a furry loved one if you can cry into the fur of another. We know that the loss of Una is devastating for Kim & Jesse, but we're glad that Damon has been there to provide them with some comfort. Senior dogs - and the people who adopt them - are very special treasures indeed.

Happy furrytail ending, Damon!

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