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TOFFEE has joined our Silver Harness pack 08/11/2008-29/09/2017

In this game we call rescue, there are so many highs and lows. So much so that you feel that high only to have the rug ripped right out from beneath you. Everyone went gaga over our beautiful Toffee, and rightly so. Her beauty was not only skin deep, but she was as sweet as they come.

Toffee had been with us for some time after having some routine vet treatment and us waiting for the all clear. In that time she was loved by 3 sets of carers, all who knew how special she really was. When she was finally ready for adoption, she caught the eye of Katie and family who had not long lost their beloved Malamute cross, Sam, and were ready to save another.

Fate would deliver Toffee and her new family a cruel blow when, only a week into her adoption trial, she became ill and not her usual self. She was rushed off to the local vet in the region where it was discovered that Toffee had a large tumour on her liver that was threatening to burst. At her age and the stage the tumour was at, there was nothing we could do but release her from pain. Toffee's new family were in regional Queensland and so we couldn't rush to be by her side. Instead, Katie went and held her paw, so she knew she was loved right till the very end.

You see, Toffee's start to life was not a good one. It was a life that no dog deserves to have to live. It would be so easy for us to focus on that and allow our anger to take over, to rant and rave. Some days we can't help but let it loose...but Toffee has taught us that no matter what you have been through, every day is a new, exciting one and every new person met is a friend unless proven otherwise. She really did live up to her sweet name.

To Toffee's carers, Michael & Sharyn, Lisa and family, we can't thank you enough for giving Toffee the life she deserved and should've had from the start. To Katie, Phillip & family, we are heartbroken that it was all cut short so soon into her furrytail ending. Maybe Sam was a bit lonely over there and wanted a friend...

I just had to choose this photo of Toffee, as it shows how happy she always was and the typical lovable Mally goofiness she never tried to hide.

Toff-Toff, wear your silver harness with pride and may you shine on forever xx

Everyone loves toffee! It's a sweet, sticky, rich auburn treat that no-one can resist. Is this a coincidence? I think not! Sweet is the first word that everyone uses to talk about me. I'm great with people and love them all. I love a good belly rub and back scratch and will just about do cartwheels to get them!

Every other dog I meet is a friend too! All I want to do is play. Some dogs may take offence to my "in your face"" greeting style, however, once they understand I'm a lover not a fighter, then it's usually game time! Whilst I love meeting new dogs out and about, at home I'd prefer an easy-going medium to large male who doesn't mind the odd play time but is otherwise happy to lay around and chill. I'd also consider being an only-dog if my people were home more often than not. That's where the sticky bit comes in - I like to stick to my people like glue!

When it comes to cats and small dogs, I can't remember if I've met them or not so they'd need to have their own area separate from me, just in case. My scars give you a hint into my past. It isn't a happy story but I know that, from here on in, it's all the sweet life. I haven't been house-trained and so, up until now, have been mostly an outside girl but I'm sure I could get used to some time hanging out indoors now and then. I have some odd quirks and, like most Mallies, like to entertain myself with the odd dig in the garden or chewing on things I shouldn't. If I have a dedicated digging spot and my own toys though, that should help keep us both happy!

In terms of Malamutes, though, I'm one of those that really can't be bothered trying to climb a fence or dig out under one. As long as the fences are secure and there are no large gaps underneath then that'll be adequate for me. So, all of you people with lower fences who've been waiting for the right dog, here I am! I'd love a leisurely stroll a few times a week and do enjoy getting out and about but I won't be demanding any strict exercise regimes.

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