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TYSON has found his furrytail ending!

Tyson ran into a spot of bother, with his owner having to move interstate before a home could be found for him. We enlisted the help of Courtney and family to step in at the last minute and give him a safe place to land.

We're pleased to announce that he's become a part of their family permanently.

Happy furrytail ending, Tyson!

Hello there! Pleased to meet you! I'm Tyson, but you've seen that already. I've found myself in a small spot of bother and my family need to move away without me. Whilst it breaks my Mum's heart, I've decided that I'd rather stay here in the Sunny state in the life I've become accustomed to. So that's where you come in. Please keep reading for what I'd like in a new roomie.

The people I'd like to share my home with should be aged anywhere from 10 or so upwards. I'm not mean to the little ones but, being a reasonable sized fellow, I would hate to knock a small one over! Other than that, all people, especially those that hand out treats, are pretty good in my book.

I'd prefer these people to be home more often than not, if possible.

I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky ind of guy and, being an only-dog these days, I'm happy to entertain myself. Once storm season rolls around though, I'll need someone to bring me inside and sing the Thunder Song with me to scare it away! I don't need the company of another dog at home but I'm happy enough to say hello to others out and about. There's something slightly tempting about cats and other small pets, so I think it's best that there are none of those in my new share-house.

Being house-trained, I'd like a home with some indoor time as well as outdoor. I'm not one to be bothered with digging, but fences should be 6ft in height with nothing against them that can be used as a leg-up over the top. I'm not a big fitness freak, so no homes that map their runs or put health food pics on Insta please! A leisurely 20 minute stroll most days will suit me just fine. I'd much rather hang out with my people at a local cafe or go for car rides than that cardio-type stuff. The perfect end to my day is a good chew on a pig ear or dentastick. I'll even listen to the odd 'sit' or 'shake' to get one!

I'm one of a kind and I think you'll be glad to have me around. Just please don't stare at my floppy ear. It's from an old haematoma, but I'm a little self-conscious about it. The ladies tell me it's cute though.

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