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AKIRA has found her furrytail ending!

Our cheeky senior redhead had a couple of false starts before finding her happily ever after. She unfortunately just didn't settle into her first two adoptive homes the way that we'd hoped. However, the constant in her SHAMROQ journey was her foster Mum, Teresa, who was always there for Akira to fall back on. Teresa was Akira's rock and our aim was to find someone permanent to make her feel just as safe and secure.

We're thrilled to announce that the third time was the charm...Akira has found a home of her own with Sue & Richard, where it looks like she's ruling the roost and being treated like a Princess.

Happy furrytail ending, Akira!

Have you got a Husky-sized hole in your life?

Does the lounge feel empty when you're curled up watching TV? Wandering around the neighbourhood aimlessly, thinking how much fun this would be with that special someone? Well, guess what, I'm just the thing to remedy all that you're lacking!

Akira is the name and companionship is the aim. I have a whole list of pros. No cons if I do say so myself. Okay, well no more than the ones usually associated with Husky nature anyway...but let's call those 'character builders'. You see, I've found myself in need of a forever family. I think that's a great thing - you see, I love humans more than anything and now I get to choose some of my very own (food runs a close second and toys comes in third).

People rock my world and, for that reason, I must be allowed to be inside with my family. I'm very well housetrained and will stand at the door to signal I need to use the outdoors ladies' room. If you don't happen to notice, I'll give you a gentle tap so you get the hint.

I'd love to have people aged in their teens and older in my new home, mainly due to the fact that my sharing ability - of toys especially - is one of those character builders I mentioned. For that reason it's probably best that my new people don't have any little humans. It's something I'm working on, though.

I can take or leave a doggy playmate. They're fun when I choose to have a bit of zoomie time, but I won't stand for any rough play. Any doggy brother or sister should respect my personal space bubble. I'd be quite happy to be an only-dog if you had plenty of time to devote to me. I can happily have my doggy socialisation needs met at the dog park every now and then. I haven't met any cats, so best to have them separate from where I hang out at home...or better yet, not at all.

Exercise is something high on my list of needs, but not that active running stuff! I'm happy with a daily saunter around the neighbourhood and an adventure on weekends. Car rides too please! You'll be glad to know that the typical Husky escape talent is one of the cons I didn't inherit, so as long as you have secure fences of around 5ft or higher, then we're set.

There are so many more good qualities for me to tell you about, but I hear the end of speech wrap-up music coming, so you'll have to meet me to find out about them in person.

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