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MAX has found his furrytail ending!

We'll admit it. Every now & then a dog will come along that has such intense requirements that we despair about how we might find them the right home. In Max's case we pondered who'd be willing to adopt a dog than can and will get out of any fencing. In the 9 months since we rescued him from the pound (where he had been surrendered for his constant escaping), Max outwitted us time and time again. He scaled over, he burrowed under, he squeezed himself through unfathomably small spaces, he jumped out of windows, he bent metal, he moved bricks. All with a devil-may care, catch-me-if-you-can smile on his dial. He earned the nickname Max the Coyote for his demonstrated desire to live like a wild dog, free to roam un-contained by fences!

There was only one logical place for him to go. SHAMROQ co-founder, Nicole and her partner, Luke have never been ones to shy away from dogs that others find difficult. After all, they've put together a very successful dryland sledding team by (literally) harnessing the enthusiasm of many a wayward Husky. With his instinct to run, Max soon learned to use his talent constructively. Sarge, Latte, Bazinga, Winta, Storm & Chilli welcomed him into the pack. Special mention must go to their Mother figure, Toohey, whose sudden loss recently was a shock to all who knew her. We're certain that Toohey would be very proud of her Mum & Dad for continuing to help other dogs in need.

We wouldn't dare tempt fate by saying that Max's Houdini days are over. But seeing him happy and loved in a permanent home with a commitment to keeping him safe (and with Fort Knox fencing!) warms our hearts.

Happy furrytail ending, Max!

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