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JETT has found his furrytail ending!

Handsome senior gent, Jett, waited a while for the right home to come along but, boy oh boy, when it sure was worth the wait! Jessica, Brad & their kids have definitely made Jett a valued member of the household. He has embraced the Gold Coast lifestyle too - a certain somebody won't dip his toes in the pool, but the open water is a whole different story. He's made himself quite at home amongst the jetskis and boats, but is yet to work out what those pesky pelicans are up to.

We're sure Jett's foster Dad, Russell, will miss him but he can be sure that Jett has definitely landed on all four paws with his new family, who love him dearly already. Thank you to Russell for the time you spent caring for Jett. Thank you also to Sonya & Chris, whose generous sponsorship of Jett is much appreciated!

Happy furrytail ending, Jett!

Cue tambourine...I said 1, 2, 3, take your hand and come with me...The original Jett here. Yeah yeah, I know the band has one less "T" in their name, but it's not my fault their publicist couldn't spell! Just like Australia's own alternative boy band of the noughties, I'm a crowd favourite, a little mysterious and I know how to sing!

Despite my age, I still have plenty of love to give and I'm looking for that perfect retirement home. I'm pretty sure the Jet boys would be in a gated over 50s community by now too, don't you think? In my years, I've earned the right to become a little picky about just the type of home I'd like. My number one deal-breaker is a family that is not home often and one where I'm not allowed inside. You see, my favourite place is with my people and often that's chillaxing inside the house with reruns of Full House or something corny like that.

These days, people are really all the company that I need. I currently don't have another dog for company and, well, I'd be pretty picky if I had to choose one. I've been with siblings in the past but nowadays I'd be happiest as an only-dog. I haven't really had any exposure to cats and other pocket pets, but there's still life in this ol' rocker so, to be on the safe side, they'd need their own secure space...just in case.

I'm in no mood to have to climb fences or dig out so, as long as your fences are around 5ft and secure, then I don't plan on becoming a Houdini. I enjoy a leisurely stroll once or twice a day. I may like living alone but I'm not a hermit! I have a little issue with these new zippy cars - I'm learning to like them, but car rides do stress me a little.

As I mentioned, what I really need is a home with a family who are home most of the time. If I'm alone too much I feel the need to pass the time by belting out a few of my favourite tunes. Ideally the people in my family would be older and happy just to have me as company. I haven't really been around young kids and I'm pretty set in my ways. If there were children, they'd need to be older and realise that I'm not overly keen on playing and, at times, I may just need to be left in my happy place to relax.

But what I really want to know is, are you gonna be my girl? Or guy? Or family? Whatever works. If so, please click Apply below.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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