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NINJA has found his furrytail ending!

Happy days for our cheeky little mate, Ninja, who has found his forever home with new Dad, Rauri and Husky bro, Flex!

Our thanks go to foster parents, Jessica & Reuben, for their care of Ninja during his stay with SHAMROQ.

Happy furrytail ending, Ninja!

Please take a moment and focus upon the story I have for you. There was once a small, furry boy. He was grey and white with hazel eyes and was destined for great things. His mother would tell him that if he focused and trained hard, he'd grow into a force of nature that would be unstoppable.​However, in this story, like all good tales, there was a twist that could have cut our young hero's life short. This grey & white warrior, on his way to greatness, was abandoned by his family and ended up incarcerated. Shockingly, our story almost ended here, but at the very last minute another group of female warriors swooped in and brought the young ninja into the safety of their group of misfits.

The young warrior had lost his way but now, in his new-found freedom, his spark reignited and he knew what he had to do. His female saviours were now a part of a bigger family, but he had to make a name for himself and carve his own path in the world.

Our leading man saw his future in his dreams. There was a family of people who were active and spent time with him, honing his skills. They were all adults and older children and there was another dog around the same size as him that loved war games as much as he did. He saw himself practising his hunting skills on small, furry creatures that dared to enter his training grounds.

To become the great ninja that he knew he was destined to be, the grey and white hero knew he'd need the right facilities to train. He would need secure fences of 5-6ft in height with minimal gaps underneath to limit distractions and temptation. His training regime would also need to be strict and he'd need his people to allow him at least one walk or run every day. With his body being his lethal weapon, at the end of each day this ninja would need to be allowed to rest and re-centre his focus by relaxing indoors with his peole for moral support and company.

Our hero still dreams of this fulfilment and attainment of greatness, but he knows in his heart that he is almost there. All he needs is to find the family that fate had chosen for him and for their paths to cross. This story you have heard is yet to finish. All it needs is the destined family to read the words and recognise that they are the chosen ones.

QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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