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OLLY has found his furrytail ending!

Congrats to Ann, Dylan and their dog, Floyd on adopting one of the sweetest boys we've ever had the pleasure to rescue! Olly has formally joined their family after a happy and loving period in foster care with Chloe, Matt & their kids. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for nurturing Olly during his time with them.

Happy furrytail ending, Olly!

You know what, let’s mix this up a little. Usually we let the dogs write their own profiles, but it this case we are going to write Olly’s for him. Why you ask? Because is that perfect kind of guy. The devoted kind, still with a bit of spunk, that underestimates himself and doesn’t realise just what an absolute gem he is. So we are going to tell you exactly how we see Olly – in a word, he is flawless. Unless you are a cat, and well small pets and Olly just don’t mix. To know Olly is to love him, and if you don’t love him then you just haven’t met him yet. OllyLolly is a gentle soul and just loves everyone. Of course, as with any dog children need to be supervised and taught to respect them, but this guy is just sweetness throughout. He loves people, the ladies in particular and bonds quickly to his person. He is never more than a few steps behind you no matter where you are around the house. Being allowed inside is a must for Olly!

People are not the only ones Olly loves to be with. Other dogs are just as important to him. All dogs are new friends for him to meet – but beware he might try and put the smooth moves on the ladies. He learns pretty quick that behaviour is off limits though. A bored dog is often an unhappy dog, as long as Olly gets his daily exercise and has a play mate at home, then he should be occupied enough not to rearrange the garden or destuff the outdoor cushions. Our guy has never been much of an escape artist. 5ft secure fences would be adequate for our “mini wolf” here. You will know when someone unknown approaches as Olly barks to greet them but also let you know. A quick “good boy” and that should be the last you hear of that. As far as huskies, or part huskies go, there is a fair bit of obedience here with basic commands – especially if there is a treat or two involved. This old dog has many more tricks up his sleeve with some help from you! He sounds like a dream huh. We think he is just that. Olly came into care with some skin issues that had been left untreated. With help from our vets, Olly is just about recovered and ready for his perfect furrytail ending.

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