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MANAWA has found his furrytail ending! seems that having only one eye just adds to Manawa's charm. He was a very popular boy indeed! Any dog that he was going to live with would have to be able to hold their own in the spotlight...and be beautiful enough in their own right that they wouldn't be overshadowed by the big fella's commanding presence!

So it seemed only fitting that our two most popular available dogs should become a permanent pair. Marc & Alanah took home not one, but two stunning Malamutes - both Ghost & Manawa!

We are grateful to Manawa's foster parents, Jo & Damian, for caring for our superstar boy while he was with us. We know that it was a bone of contention in the household whether he should go up for adoption at all! A boy like this is one in a million, so we completely understand...we kinda wanted to keep him ourselves too.

Happy fuurytail ending, Manawa!

There is really only one thing to know about me, and my name says it all. Manawa is the word for 'heart' in the Maori language and, ladies & gentlemen, I'm all heart. My world revolves around friendship. I see the joy and beauty in everything and everyone around me, and radiate love from my high-maintenance long coat wherever I go.​Everyone I meet is a friend - there are no foe in my world. Child, adult, dog or cat, they are all companions in my eye. Yes - eye. I only have one as I lost the other to glaucoma, but my permanent wink adds to my charm.

​I currently live with another large male dog and a cat. As long as they understand my love of zoomies and playtime, then we're bound to be mates for life. In my frequent moments of delight, my excitement can get the better of me, so I may become bouncy around the little ones and may try to lean on them for mandatory cuddles.

In my new home, I must have another dog for company, as life is always better shared with those you love. I'll often shout my happiness from the rooftops. Okay, that isn't as bad as it sounds, but in typical Malamute fashion, I'm very talkative and nothing is better than good conversation with my people. Routine is also very important to me. I much prefer to have structure to my day and will remind you if it's dinner or walk time.

​Being such a social guy, I must have a home that treasures me as part of the family. I must be able to be inside with you when you're home and be included in as many outings as possible. A walk a day keeps the mischief at bay! Well, most of it. Some bits of cheekiness are all part of the Mally charm. I'm not too interested in escaping my home, as long as I have company and secure fences of at least 5ft in height.

​My heart is certainly made of gold and I'm a rare find. They tell me to expect that many families will want to offer me the perfect forever home, and I wish I could love them all but sadly, there's only one goofy and lovable me.

​QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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