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GHOST has found her furrytail ending!

Boy oh boy, did we get hammered with applications for this gal from all directions...everyone wanted Ghost! However, whilst competition for the best home was fierce, there could only be one lucky household chosen. So congrats to Marc & Alanah. They're actually doubly lucky (see Manawa's blog post)!

Huge thanks go to Ghost's foster parents, Robert & Lisa, for taking such fabulous care of her, and to the Kuhn family for their generous sponsorship.

Happy fuurytail ending, Ghost!

Ever met a real-life contradiction? Well now you can say you have because, ladies and gentlemen, I'm everything that a ghost is not. So, why was I named Ghost then? Maybe my previous owner was a hopeless Patrick Swayze fan.

​A ghost, by definition, is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear to the living. Well yes, I do appear here before you but, I promise you, I am living, larger than life even. Ghosts are known to be scary, especially to children. Me, not so much. Everyone loves me! The only reason I shouldn't be around young children is due to my energy and bouncy young Malamute ways.

​Ghosts are meant to instil fear into those they appear to. Again, not me! Play time is at the top of my list of favourite pastimes. For that reason, I'll need another doggy playmate of medium size or larger who can match me in my games of bitey-face and zoomies.

Whilst at this stage of my life I'm friendly with dogs of both genders, it's not uncommon for female Malamutes to develop issues with other females once they reach maturity. So, for that reason, a desexed male doggy companion would be my pick. Okay, so I lied a little - I can be scary sometimes, but only to those small animals and pocket pets that I love to chase and hunt - so none of those please.

​Ghosts often choose to haunt the interiors of old buildings and deserted homes. Me, I'm an outdoors kind of girl. Whilst I'm housetrained and enjoy a snuggle by the TV at night with my family, I equally enjoy a play in the yard and a sleep in the sun. I also love to get my adventure fix with at least one good walk a day. As long as the fences are secure and a minimum of 5ft in height, I promise not to try to escape if you keep up with my exercise regime.

​Have you ever tried to tell a ghost what to do? They tend not to follow instructions very well. I, on the other hand, am mastering commands like sit, bed and shake. I'm happy to learn many more though if you'll show me how. As with most Northern breeds, recall is not something I excel at, so no off-lead jaunts in un-fenced areas.

​From all the movies we've seen about ghosts, nobody would choose to live with one. But the SHAMROQ girls already know what this Ghost is going to be very popular. Just look at me! But please make sure you do more than just look at the pretty pictures - you need to read the fine print.

​QLD Supply # BIN0000139144842

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