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TEQUILA (now Bella) has found her furrytail ending!

Four days after Christmas, we undertook an emergency rescue. Tequila was in very bad shape and we knew that she needed our help so immediately that there was literally not a moment to waste in getting her to safety. She was skeletal, with raw skin and patches of missing hair. It was clear that she had a lot of physical and emotional healing to do before she would be ready for adoption.

Looking at this photo of her today after four months of nurturing by her wonderful carer, Berniece, is enough to bring tears to our eyes. Certainly, anyone who had met Tequila previously would never recognise that this was the same girl.

How heartwarming, then, that we can share the news with you that Berniece and Tequila (now named Bella) are staying together.

Happy furrytail ending, Bella!

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