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COMET has found his furrytail ending!

This stunning fellow has found his way into the home and hearts of Frances & Domenic, and we couldn't be happier! Congrats, guys!

This would not have been possible without the kindness, patience and TLC provided to Comet by his foster parents, Scott & Jeff. When Comet first came to us from the pound, he was heartbreakingly thin and couldn't be desexed until he gained condition. Scott & Jeff made it their mission to get him up to speed and it's thanks to them that he's now the happy, healthy clown you see in these photos.

Happy furrytail ending, Comet!

Like a ball of glowing light that brightens up the dark, at fast speeds, that would be me, Comet!! From an unknown background, I come with a little bit of nervousness and uncertainty, but my foster peeps have made me see that like a comet, my future is bright! In my new-found joie de vivre, my excitement levels can be sky high, so it is best that any children in my new home are 10-ish or older. I would hate to accidentally knock over any little ones in my roughhousing. My natural husky prey drive is strong, so pocket pets are not safe in my presence. Medium to large dog or dogs however are a must. My foster fur-brother and sister have been instrumental in teaching me how to dog, so I will need the company of another dog in my new home.

Us huskies are energetic folk and I am no exception. Playing is at the top of my exercise regime, but I will also require walks as often as possible to keep my arctic-ness in check.

One husky skill that I have chosen not to excel at is escaping, mind you I will still need secure 5ft fences to keep me safe. The only digging that I tend to do is for buried food in the odd pot plant! I may have been injured in my forgotten past, which may have led to my slight odd gait and I really don’t like my back legs being touched. I am slowly learning that it is ok to trust people and they mean no harm. The vet tells me that there is no permanent damage there and that I am in tip top shape. You will just have to understand that when it comes to grooming and handling me, that patience is the key. So, if you think that you could do with some light in your life, maybe I am just the thing. I promise to be right where you are and will need a family that allows me inside where I belong. After all, how am I to climb up into your lap for cuddles if I can’t be with you?

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