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PANDA has found her furrytail ending!

As you can imagine, there was a lot of adoption interest in our little Panda. However, Jasmine & her family were the lucky ones to take her home, where she now has a permanent playmate in Husky sister, Luna.

Panda's fabulous foster parents, Larissa & Josh, have our wholehearted gratitude. While they are experienced foster carers, this is the first time they've fostered for SHAMROQ and we're grateful for their expertise. They did a wonderful job of looking after little Panda bear and readying her for her new adventures.

Happy furrytail ending, Panda!

There is one sure fire way to brighten your day, no matter how bad it is, and that's a few good ol’ Panda Youtube clips. Those adorable, crazy, cuddly fellas will cheer you up in no time. The downside to this is that it's almost certain you could never have your very own Panda at home, but here is the next best thing! I am a young and playful Panda pup and still have much to learn - like to how to stop when running at full speed - and that not all dogs appreciate bitey-face play. But despite this I'm quite the social butterfly & friendly with most dogs, as long as they can handle my playful disposition. I think any future doggy siblings need to be as crazy as me & at least my size or larger. I'd hate to hurt a little one by playing too rough.

The same would go for other pups in the house - the people kind. I can get a little carried away & wouldn't mean to knock them over or play nibble them, but if they were under school-age, I might be a bit too much for them. Sorry, but cats & other small pets are a definite no go too! People make my world go round, and to make sure I don’t lose you then I will have to follow you from room to room. I would love a family that's home more often than not and would include me in family life with trips the dog park and lots of walks to explore new places. I currently live with 2 other Husky boys. I'm happy in their company when my foster family have to go out, and I haven't shown any desire to dig under or jump over fences. So as long as your fences are a minimum of 5ft and secure, I should be happy enough to wait for you safely at home. Just like a cheeky Panda cub, I love treats and toys. So much so I like to steal everyone else’s all for myself.

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