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BRUCE has found his furrytail ending!

Young Brucey was a guest of ours for way too long...the poor guy was starting to get a complex and we couldn't understand why he was still with us! Chris & Renee changed all that with their lovely application to adopt him. We're so excited that he now has a home with them and an older Husky sister named Bella to keep him in line!

Throughout Bruce's journey, he's had a few guardian angels to guide him. We thank Tracie, David, Emma, Jessica & Reuben for the time and care that they provided our boy while he was waiting for his forever family to come along.

His sponsors, Sonya & Chris, as always, have given amazingly generous support also. We're so excited that this kid is home at last.

Happy furrytail ending, Bruce!

“Bruce?” I hear you say. “Funny name for a dog!”….. Well no, not really. I am an action hero, just like Bruce Lee, Bruce Willis and Batman’s alter ego Bruce Wayne. So you see, it really isn’t odd at all…. I’m not a recluse like Batman though, I love to meet people and other doggy playmates, and it’s all so exciting. So exciting in fact that I do tend to forget my superhero code and jump around like a bit of a loon. So maybe I shouldn’t have a home with any small children, I would hate to accidentally knock them over.

I will however require a trusty doggy sidekick, someone my size or larger that can help me save the world! They can be male or female, a Robin or a Batgirl, I don’t mind. But no Catwomen please, they will be my mortal enemy and I will have no choice but to chase them down!

Batman does love his gadgets and toys. I too love toys, especially those that squeak and drive you insane! Food is also a big motivator, and a rustling treat packet will act as my Bat signal that I should come to you now! That’s within a safe, fenced yard though. There’s a lot of superhero help needed out in the open world, so I will take it upon myself to seek it out if I’m not contained properly. If your fences are 6ft and secure then I will happily stay home, but I have been known to practice my Parkour moves on any bins or large objects that are kept up against the fence. My mind is as sharp as a tack and needs to be kept entertained. My superhero fitness regime currently includes morning and afternoon walks, plus play times. I have energy to burn and if I get bored, I will take it out on your shoes or anything else you may leave lying around the Batcave. So keep me busy with a mixture of exercise and enrichment, and we should be just fine. Maybe you could give me a go at the winter sport of dog sledding?

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