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MINX has found her furrytail ending!

StartFragmentWe've been dying to announce this one! Minx, our little Siberian Peimalastaff (yes, peeps...we're totally taking the p*** out of 'designer breeds') has found a wonderful new home. Lachlan & Jade welcomed her into their family as little sister to their handsome Swiss Shep, Indy and kittycat, Milky. Minx was well-supported in her SHAMROQ journey with the love and guidance... of two wonderful foster homes - first, Steph & Aaron and then the Anderson family. We are indebted to them all for the part that they played in giving this exotic-looking little lady a wonderful foundation to build upon. Her beautiful nature blew her new family away and it wasn't long before they couldn't imagine a life without her.

Happy furrytail ending, Minx! EndFragment

The dictionary tells us that 'minx' refers to a boldly flirtatious, cheeky, mischievous or playful girl, a female who knows how to control people to her advantage, Who, me? OK OK...I definitely have that look in my eye, I admit it. I'm fully aware of of just how cute I am and I'm not scared to use it in my favour. With a strong mind of my own, I'm no pushover. Who will win this battle of or me?

My unique, one-of-a-kind looks are quite to conversation piece, although perhaps a little misleading! I'm often mistaken for a Dingo, but my DNA test results revealed a surprising mixture. Half of my heritage is Siberian Husky, with the other half being an exotic hybrid of Alaskan Malamute, Chinese Shar-pei, American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Whatever I am, there's no denying that I'm strikingly beautiful (if I do say so myself). My legs are deceptively lanky, but I'm still growing into them. Agile and super-speedy, I might just like to give sledding a go once I'm old enough.

People make my world go 'round and I enjoy hanging out with you inside the house, but I'm content to stay in the yard while you're at work (as long as you have secure fencing, of course!) I would love a home where there's an older canine brother or sister for me to play with and learn from. In my foster home, I have a big sister who is the boss and she's been teaching me the ropes and keeping me in line. We play all day long and I like to follow her around and copy her. I've socialised with some little dogs without problems, but any dogs of that size will need to be tolerant of my goofy, boisterous play. I'm not all that aware of my size and I'm only going to get bigger!

I haven't met any kids yet, but I think I'd be happy with some older ones to run around with. My exuberance and enthusiasm might be a bit much for little ones. I'm still learning to play gently and not jump up.

I've been raised with a cat, whom I chase around but haven't shown any aggression towards. When I catch her, I just play-bow or give a little bark, so I'd happily co-exist with a cat that isn't too scaredy or sensitive. We get along well, except for that one time she told me off with a scratch to the hurt my feelings momentarily, but I didn't retaliate. We still hang out together all the time and can be found snoozing next to each other when no one is watching.

So I've told you all about how pretty and social I am, but I've got the smarts to make the complete package too! I've mastered sit, shake and beg and I'm working on my lead manners. My adoptive family will understand that I'm still a baby and therefore puppy behaviours can be expected. Typical of my breeds I can be stubborn, so ongoing training will be important to mould me into the best dog that I can be. My housetraining is almost complete and I've been trained to sleep in a crate overnight. I'm used to being fed in there also, especially if it's something yummy like a Kong to keep me busy. Because I'm such a clever girl (and food-motivsted too), I'd be likely to excel at whatever doggy sport you'd like to try.

My new family will be active and committed to endless games of fetch and regular walks (or runs when I'm old enough). Hikes through the bush or along the beach (always on-lead) are my favourite ways to meet my exercise needs. Also, I love playing with my ball, rope and other toys, which I'm very tolerant about sharing with my foster sister. Physical and mental stimulation will be important to keep my puppy-brain occupied.

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