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KENAI (now Shadow) has found his furrytail ending)

StartFragmentWith the unusual 'M' shaped marking over Kenai's nose, we were certain that it must stand for Mighty or Magnificent or Majestic. Nope, we were wrong. It turns out that it actually stands for Mocha, who just happens to be Kenai's new BFF. She's the saucy little Husky number who has welcomed him into the home that she shares with Dad, Andrew. Andrew describes Kenai (now... known as Shadow) as 'an absolute prince' and says that he couldn't have asked for a better boy. It warms our hearts to know that Shadow is so loved in his new home. We thank Logan and his family for taking such fabulous care of Shadow whilst he was in foster care. We know that it was daunting for them to let him go, but they were thrilled with his new home, where they knew that he would be treasured.

Happy furrytail ending, Shadow! EndFragment

Close your eyes and picture are sitting in a cool, sub-arctic place on a low rise, overlooking the mouth of a blue river where there are many anglers vying to catch the elusive salmon. To the west of you, you can see majestic views of a snow-capped range of mountains which serve as a dramatic backdrop. Do you know where this magical place is? It is Kenai, Alaska. Sounds like a happy place, doesn't it? Well maybe you can't go to Alaska, but I can be your very own little piece of it and bring your happy place to you.

Kenai is a place of adventure in the great outdoors, so it's only fitting that I'm an active and excitable boy who loves nothing more than time spent with my people out and about. I currently have one decent walk per day to keep me fit and entertained. You'll thank me for being your motivator, believe me!

People are the centre of my world. I'm happy being an outside dog, but love nothing more than to come inside with you at night and relax over a bowl of chilled water & a bag of Schmackos.

I've been around children that are school-aged, but my hyperactivity may be a little bit much for any younger. When in the yard I'm not known to dig out, but will need fences to be secure and 6ft in height.

I'm a social guy and get along just fine with most dogs that I meet. I'd recommend they be medium-sized or larger and be able to match my activity level. Cats and other pocket pets do conjure up the call of the wild so, for their own benefit, are on the no-go list.

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