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BOBO has found his furrytail ending

Wow, wow, WOW! We were shocked by the amount of interest this floof generated...He even gave our Disney puppies a run for their money as far as people falling over themselves to apply!

We can only attribute this to the amazing transformation that was a direct result of the wonderful care of his foster parents, Lesley & Jim. When Bobo came into our care, he looked much older than he was, with a coarse, dry coat and weepy eyes. With some TLC, he has become truly puppy-like again!

Whilst we were spoilt for choice with so many potential adopters, we could not go past Andrew & Cindy. You see, almost a year ago to the day, they adopted one of our other very special dogs, Kooji. Kooji's best friend this past year has been Kahlua, Andrew & Cindy's Spoodle. Imagine the devastation when they lost Kahlua this last Christmas to an aggressive tumour in her lungs in her lungs at only 5 years old. We hope that Bobo helps to heal all their hearts.

When he'd been with them for less than five days of the usual two week adoption trial, we received an email from Andrew & Cindy. They wrote that they had 'decided quite emphatically that we won't be giving him back!' And we couldn't be happier.

Happy furrytail ending, Bobo!

If I were human, and female, I would be Betty White. Everyone’s favourite golden oldie, that’s me. I am everyone’s friend and always have a story to tell you. When it's walk time in my neighbourhood, my adoring public are lining the streets for a glimpse and a cuddle. When I came into care, I was a little stiff getting around and was looking a lot older than my 8 years. Fast forward a few months and with some vet visits and arthritis injections, I now feel and look like a new fluffy white dog! Part of my transformation has been the addition of some thyroid tablets to my diet and like Benjamin Button, I now seem to be ageing backwards! If you know Sammies, then you know we are very good at spinning a story, typically told in a series of yips and barks. Every new person I meet must get my life story for about 15 minutes and then once you’ve had your initial introduction, we’re good. I love all people, but given my older years and that I can get a little stiff, any family members should be school aged or older.

I love other dogs too, particularly the larger easygoing ones that are good company. Those young jumpy ones, especially puppies, are not my idea of fun. Despite all this, I have been living with a few cats and we have developed an understanding for a harmonious home life.

Like when Betty lived with the older Golden Girls, I will need a home with lots of human company. I will need to be allowed inside with you and that's where I will spend most of my time. There will be no need to wonder where I am, because chances are that I will be right by your feet, especially if any nasty storms are rumbling. I can’t be bothered with any of those escape tactics, so as long as your fences are secure and a minimum of 4ft, that will be sufficient. I will be inside most of the time anyhow. So you see, I really am a simple fella looking for the simple life. A 30 minute stroll a day is all I need and I don’t pull on-lead so it won’t be a chore. I love adventures to the beach and hanging out with the family, I will be sure to tell you just how much I enjoy it! On the flip side, you also have to realise that I am a Samoyed, and with that comes a fair bit of grooming and also the famous Sammy bark.

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