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SCUTTLE (now Nitro) has found his furrytail ending!

Scuttle (aka Scutty...AKA Scuttbutt...aka Turdburger) was the first born of our Disney babies and the first to fly off across the country to his new home. Now known as Nitro, this little guy caught the eye of Ray, Trish and the fam bam and they knew he looked like trouble they just had to have! Nitro has joined Huskies Mufasa, Delta and Tikaani, and has some pretty special sled-racing booties to fill when he grows up.

Here is the point where we usually thank the foster carer for all they've done. In the case of the Disney babies, that carer was me (Elise). I would be lying if I didn't I have a bit of water in the eyes right now as I remember back just over 12 weeks ago holding this first little grey and white runt - all 365 grams of him - in the palm of my hand.

We are so thrilled to be able to watch Nitro grow via Facebook photos and messages, and hopefully catch up with him at sledding races across the Country. If heart equals talent, then we know he'll be a star!

Happy furrytail ending, Nitro!

ABOUT ME: The first born is always the most important, right? I have always been a favourite of the SHAMROQ ladies. First it was because I was the smallest and started off to be calmest of the lot. As I grew and gained on the others, that all changed. I can mix it with the best of them now! You may have seen the video of my great escape from my puppy pen some weeks back, pretty talented, huh? I have worked out a few of the modifications and am smart as a tack, so I promise to keep you on your toes! The original Scuttle from the Little Mermaid was a lovable, goofy friend and partner in crime. Can I be yours? THE GENERAL INFORMATION: We know the first thing you thought was “OMGEEEEEEEE PPPUUUUPPPIIEEEESSSS”. And yes, that is a completely normal reaction. But we are true Huskies in all senses of the word and will require the standard Husky-suitable homes.

We have shown our abilities when it comes to climbing and digging. For those reasons, any new homes will be required to have a minimum of 5ft secure fences. We are still very small and crafty, do not under estimate us! So for the next little while, we will require a safe puppy pen, crate or enclosure should you need to go out, we cannot be left unattended in the yard just yet. For the past 8 weeks or so, we have known our Mum and our siblings. Being the breed we are, we would flourish in a home with another doggy companion who could handle being jumped on and climbed all over. Cos that is what we do. Husky play is rough and we are some of the best! Of course being young, we can be brought up in a home and taught to live alongside pesky things such as cats, they will be fun to chase though. If we are to be the only dog, that would be considered as long as someone is home more often than not. All of us will need to attend puppy preschool, and the SHAMROQ girls can help out with some recommendations for that. We have a whole life ahead of us and it will be up to you to mould us into the perfect canine citizens. Well as perfect as a Husky gets anyway, we are always going to be a challenge!!

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