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HAHN & LAYLA have found their furrytail ending!

On Christmas morning, we were excited to receive a lovely application to adopt Hahn & Layla. (Yes, we even work on Christmas Day!) Brett & Analea and their girls had lost their own pair of beloved Huskies earlier in the year and were ready to open their hearts again. A meet and greet was set up for the New Year and the rest is history.

We are so thrilled that these two sweethearts found such a loving, breed-experienced family to settle into and call their own.

Happy furrytail ending, Hahn & Layla!

Hey there! I'm Hahn and this is my little sister, Layla. She's actually only 6 months younger than me, but I took on the big brother role when she joined my family as an 8 week old puppy. We've been raised in a very loving environment, but Mum & Dad's situation has unfortunately changed and they need to find us a new family to love us as much as they have.

If possible, we'd really like to find a new home together, but we might consider going our separate ways if there were two lovely families only looking to add one dog to their household each. However, there would need to be another doggy friend in those homes, as we're so used to having each other for company.

While we are very closely bonded, we have our own individual personalities. I'm a puppy preschool graduate who grew into a quiet, well-behaved boy with a lovely nature. You'll find that I'm a touch more independent than Layla, who also behaves beautifully, but has a cheeky streak and is the most loving dog you'll ever meet. We are housetrained and have mastered the commands 'sit', 'shake', 'into bed' and 'outside', demonstrating especially excellent focus if you have treats! Welcoming you home after work is exciting so we may forget our manners momentarily by jumping up a little, but we calm down quickly once you've said hello.

Having been socialised with all kinds of dogs from an early age, we're friendly with just about every dog we meet. I say 'just about' because there's only one kind that I really don't like....Kelpies. Weird, huh? I can't explain it, but I just don't want to be friends with those kind. However, we're even social with small dogs and often play with our Shih-Tzu & Maltese buddies. There's an elderly cat in our current home and I have a healthy respect for her. Truth be told, I might even be a liiiiiittle scared of her. Layla tries to play with the cat, who doesn't want a bar of that silly business.

Although we haven't lived with children before, we'd definitely be open to a home where there are little people. Every time that Mum & Dad's friends visited with their kids I'd be in my element and play with them all day. Layla enjoys kids too but gets a little bored with them after awhile and goes off to do her own thing when she's had enough.

Being typical adventurous Huskies, we need secure 5ft dog-proof fencing to keep us safely contained. The fences at our current home have timber sleepers wedged underneath and a concrete strip under the gate, which stops us from exploring the neighbourhood. Clever Layla can open the latch on the gate, so yours will need to be padlocked to keep us safe and sound.

We enjoy the atmosphere of the dog park and, with careful monitoring, off-leash beaches too. A minimum half hour walk per day keeps us happy and healthy.

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