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JAVA has found his furrytail ending!

It was love at first sight for Di & Noel and their kids when they laid eyes on Java. The decision was unanimous that he should come home and be part of their family.

Our thanks go out to Chrissy, who provided Java with the attention and care that he needed when he arrived from the pound. We're thrilled that he'll be loved and treasured forever now.

Happy furrytail ending, Java!

Corporal Java here, reporting for duty. The duty being the centre of your universe, apple of your eye! I take that job very seriously and promise to give it my all! I am happy to share this role with other dogs in the family home, should there be some already. They can be male or female, but should be medium sized or larger and willing to let in another kid to the block. Cats might not be so lucky though, I am friendly but some things just can’t override nature. When it comes to people, I don’t discriminate and love them all. The little ones are fun to be around the big ones are great at dishing out the cuddles. People are also the masters of those wonderful things called treats. Treats are magic and have the ability to make me do things like sit, wait and shake. I am always willing to learn more!​I’ve not shown any digging tendencies but fences should be 6ft and secure in order to keep me from going wandering. The only wandering I should be doing is a social walk once a day, right by your side.

I’m also partial to a beach visit or a trip to the dog park. I am happy outside during the day if you are at work, but also house-trained for evening family time by the TV. I understand if you need to go to work during the day and leave me, and I can cope with that if I have another dog in the family to play with. As I said earlier, I am happy to share you with them, but I do draw the line at sharing food, so please feed us separately – but that is just standard multi dog home practice.

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