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DEXTER has found his furrytail ending!!

StartFragmentIt's been a long time coming, but we're super-thrilled to announce that this guy has found his forever family with Roslyn & Cale. Yet another heartwarming tale of foster-failure...gotta love 'em!

Thank you to Sonya & Chris, whose generous sponsorship has supported Dexter throughout his SHAMROQ journey. Thank you also to Acacia Ridge Pet Resort, where Dex was a guest for... quite some time before finding true love with his new Mum & Dad.

Happy furrytail ending, Dexter!

StartFragmentAs David Attenborough would tell you, the males of most species are the rule makers. We are the bold, masculine figures who know what we want and aren’t afraid to make that point known. Although, between you and me, sometimes that is a bit of a front, just to make you think I am all tough and stuff. Really I am a bit like an oyster. A rock hard exterior, but all mush and a gem on the inside. My foster family have been pretty good to me, helping me become a man they can be proud of, but it is time for me to find a home of my own. I have been around old and young people and whilst I am a little wary of them at first, I have shown respect to all of them. Younger children can freak me out sometimes with all that running and screaming, so I tend to like those that a bit bigger and easier to deal with, about 10 and up. As long as they are dog savvy and know how to recognise my boundaries. Other dogs can be ok for company. Those small ones with little dog syndrome are annoying but, so I only like to hang out with the medium to large ones. They have to respect me though and let me be my own man, otherwise it may not work out. If I do have a doggy housemate, we would need to be fed separate – ladies never try to eat of your man’s plate, we don’t appreciate it. On the flip side, I would happily be a one man wolf pack kinda guy too, as long as my people were around lots and took me out to the park for about half an hour a day. At the moment, I am the outdoors type. Mainly because there are mobile snacks (aka cats) inside the foster home. I am not so reactive to them anymore, but I wouldn’t trust me in a room with them. Given the opportunity though, I think I might like some inside time. Beware though, you may lose your spot on the couch. I am pretty house proud and have not shown any need to jump fences or dig out, so secure 5ft plus fences should be adequate for me. I am not going to lie. I am not the easiest guy to live with. I like to do some things on my own terms, and will let you know if I don’t like something. I do need to trust my new people first, so they will need to be confident and experienced with large dogs (preferably Malamutes) and happy to give me my space if I need it. If you live in the Brisbane region, I will bring along my mate the trainer who understands me for a session of getting to know each other. EndFragment


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