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STITCH has found his furrytail ending!

Stitch is (we assume) the Daddy of our Disney litter that you've all gone gaga for. Is it any surprise that they're all growing into such beauties with genes like this? (Actually, we wonder whether our chunky litter polar bears, Mufasa & Baloo - aka the Bash Brothers - might end up taking after their Dad and changing from white to apricot)...)

Anyway, the puppies have got so much attention already, but today is all about Stitch. The Finigan family have been fostering him...and falling head over heels for him at the same time, as you can imagine! They've nursed him through his snake bite and watched with interest the updates about Lilo & the pups. There was no question that Stitch should stay there as a permanent member of their household.

Happy furrytail ending, Stitch!

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