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CHARLIE has found his furrytail ending!

Charlie's hypnotic eyes attracted a lot of lovestruck applicants, but we're pleased to announce that he's found a fantastic forever home with his new Dad, Sam. Best of all, he's scored himself a beautiful new Malamute sister named Ciara too. Sam tells us that he & Ciara love Charlie to bits already.

Our heartfelt thanks go to foster carers, Candice & Peter, who provided our blue-eyed boy with a safe and loving temporary home while he was awaiting a permanent one.

Happy furrytail ending, Charlie!

Ever wondered where you came from? Ever gone looking for answers on I got bored so I checked it out. It told me that I'm from a mixture of genetic lines. On one side are the hard-working Australian farm dogs - the Kelpies and on the other side are the Arctic pioneering, trekking nomads from Siberia - the Huskies. Interestingly enough, I am the perfect mix of both. But that does equal one thing - energy!!!

I'm an adventurous chap. I was lucky enough to join a SHAMROQ member & their 7 other dogs on their family trip to the snow. And do you know what she said? That I was the perfect traveller. It was so much fun meeting all those other dogs from all over and joining in on some dryland sledding races during my travels.

In my new home, I must insist on two main things:

#1 being a doggy brother or sister, or both. A fun one. One that plays with me and deals with my rough and tumble ways. I'm very dog-social, but small animals and pocket pets should be avoided just in case.

#2 is an active family. Daily walks are great, but even better would be a jogging partner or to be part of a sledding team. Weekend trips to the beach or bush-walking would also be very well received. Everything is so exciting out and about, so I do pull on the lead - a result of my Siberian heritage. You can't fight nature, so another thing that's no go is being let off-lead in an unfenced area.

At home, I like to be able to play outside all day and then hang out and relax inside with my people all night. I haven't shown any escape artist tendencies (that must be my Kelpie genes), so secure fences of around 5ft in height should be sufficient to keep me safe. As long as my doggy brother or sister keeps me entertained, I'm happy to hang out at home until you finish your working day. I'm friendly to all people, but children in the home should be school aged or older, just so that I don't accidentally knock them over during play time.

So to sum me up in a few words, I'm a chill kinda guy that loves life and everyone in it.

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