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DUDLEY has found his furrytail ending!

Dudley...aka Dudders...aka The Dud. Ah, how we love this guy. Despite looking a little different to the dogs that we usually rehome, we can certainly say that to know him is to love him.

With his larger-than-life personality, we weren't surprised in the least when his foster parents, Leah & Alexander, fell head over heels for him too.

Happy furrytail ending, Dudley!

Duds, The Dudster, DudleyDoo...what other silly names will these ladies come up with? Dudley may sound like a silly name but hey, I'm a serious dude...well, most of the time. You see, I have a role in life, and that is to be your loyal companion and guardian. I can be likened to Genie in Aladdin - always there with you and only a name call away, but sadly I'm not able to grant you wishes of wealth and fortune. I think I'm a good enough consolation prize though.

I'm currently in foster care with a young couple. I haven't met any kids but I think my kind nature would lend me to be suitable for any that are older school-age and up. Given my size, I would not be suitable for any smaller ones. I take my role of guardian very seriously. If someone I don't know approaches the house, I warn you in my big Rottie bark. Makes me giggle when it stops them in their tracks! Should you want me to let them in though, once you introduce me to new people I'm happy to let them enter.

In my previous life I was an outside dog only in a suburban house yard. My new foster Mum has been letting me come inside and I'm learning to enjoy it. I'll still take myself out when I've had enough though, just as long as I have prime position near the door where I can keep an eye on you - just in case you need me. I haven't shown any interest in climbing or digging out of fences so if you have sturdy, secure fences that are pool type height or larger, that would suit me just fine.

I've been living as an only-dog and, as long as I have my people around, then that's ok with me. I've been hit and miss with the doggy friends I've made in the past, so an only-dog home might be just the ticket. However, if the right easy-going doggy brother or sister came along, then we could give it a go. I haven't been around any cats or pocket pets so it's safer for them if we're kept separate. I'm happy to just chill at home if you can't be with me 24/7, and love to be left with a juicy bone or stuffed enrichment toy. I'd like a daily stroll if possible please. I can be strong on the lead but I'm working on that.

Do you need a guardian angel in the shape of a Rottamute?

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