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TORI has found her furrytail ending!

Congratulations to Louisa & Adrian and their Malamute boy, Frankie on the addition of our beautiful Tori to their family! We can see how they fell head over heels for this divine girl. In fact, we were almost tipping a foster-failure with this one, as her foster Dad, Greg was quite taken with her, as we all were. Greg did a fantastic job of taking care of her though and handing her over to her new family to be loved for the rest of her days.

Happy furrytail ending, Tori!

Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman, Isla Fisher, Julia Roberts and me. What is it that we all have in common? We are very popular red heads! I think I'm a little more accessible to my fans though and you have the one time only opportunity to add me to your long as you can meet my list of "riders". (Google that if you need to).

Depsite my adoring public, my family is the main priority. I have a little 3 year old mate who comes to visit (human version) and we enjoy each other's company. If he gets too annoying, I just get up and wander off for some recharge time. I would love a family that's home more often than not, who understand the integral part of the group that I will demand to be. Can't find me? Look down, I will be loyally curled up by your feet.

Currently, I am the only dog diva in the house. While I'm social with other dogs I meet out & about, I'm equally content to be the one and only as long as you have plenty of attention to lavish upon me.

If there was to be another dog in the home already, then I think it would be best they are male and medium sized or larger. I haven't met any cats or pocket pets, so if you have them already we should be able to live separate lives away from each other.

My daily exercise routine isn't too gruelling. A daily stroll with a weekend on-lead run at the beach or in the dog park keeps me fit as a fiddle. If we can take a car ride together, then even better! If all my demands listed here are met, then I should have no need to escape. If the fences are minimum 5ft and secure, then I'll be happy to relax in my domain.

Don't miss out on the opportunity for your very own limited edition red head.

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