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MADDIE has found her furrytail ending!

Congratulations to Will & family, including senior Husky boy Czar, on their new adoptee! Maddie rode shotgun with Will on a roadtrip up to her new home in Townsville and has now successfully completed her two week trial there, so we are thrilled to make her adoption official.

Maddie's foster family, the Robaldos, were such a blessing for her and she made herself very much at home there. We thank them for the love and care they gave her while she was waiting for her forever family.

Happy furrytail ending, Maddie!

Hey, I'm Maddie. I'm not really sure what Maddie is short for, so let's just say it's "Madly Lovable"! I am just one big smoosh bear, but still a female Malamute - i.e. I do what I want on my own terms!

In my foster home, my foster family consists of some adults and some skin kids - I love 'em all. So much so that I lean into them so they don't forget I'm here and if they are on my level I lick 'em! There are no other animals in my foster home, but from previous "incidents", pocket pets are a no go! Way back when, I did live with some other dogs and met others at the dog park, so it is possible I could share my home with a laid back kinda male dog, someone around my size.

My ideal home is with people, lotsa people. Or at least some that are home more often than not, will play wrestle with me on the lounge room floor and take me out and about on weekend day trips. I must be a member of the family, just like you are.

When you aren't home, I might sing for a little while when you leave me, but I settle really quickly once I find something else to entertain myself with. That form of entertainment may or may not be a small garden hole for me to nap in. Having a little bit of prowess with the paws, my new home should have fences that have no gaps for me to to use to dig out under. I've not been known for my jumping, but I have been living in 6 foot fences. Something of at least 5 feet should be adequate. My obedience level is classed as beginner, with sit and drop in my list of can dos, especially with a treat bribe. Stay and come though are something that a Malamute should not be trusted with in an unfenced area.

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