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ICE has found his furrytail ending!

Mesmerisingly handsome Ice recently had his 11th birthday. We thought long and hard about what an appropriate present might be... what better gift could there be but a forever home?

Enter Kyliesha and Lachlan, who helped us fulfil Ice's wish. They're absolutely smitten with him and Ice has slotted into their household like he's always been there.

Happy furrytail ending, Ice!

I know what you're hearing in your head right now..."Ice, ice baby...dun dun dun dundundun dun..." so let's stop, collaborate and listen.

Like Vanilla (aka Robert Van Winkle) is probably doing these days, I'm looking for my retirement home. Somewhere like a1a Beachfront Avenue would be nice. Older people are probably my chosen companions - I have no time for the littlies, 'cos this kid don't play.

When it comes to other dogs, I've had a companion by my side until now and I could share my time with another after some proper introductions. I do really enjoy the company of people, so if you're home most of the time then I could be on a roll and time to go solo. Definitely no pocket pets, ;cos I would be burning them if they're not quick and nimble.

Despite my vintage, I'm still excitable and enegetic. I sometimes don't keep my composure when it's time to get loose. A daily stroll is enough to keep me occupied though. I've lived mainly outside and been safe and secure in 6ft fences. I could get used to some indoor comfort though, and if there was a problem, yo, I'll solve it. Treats and squeaky toys are a good start.

So do you think you have the perfect retirement home for me? Because anything less than the best is a felony. I've got the girlies on standby - SHAMROQ girlies, that is.

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