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TARA has found her furrytail ending!

We knew without a doubt that Tara would be in high demand...who wouldn't love a cutie patootie that doesn't mind friends of the feline variety? As expected, this pretty lady sure did stir up some interest, but Holly & Liam were the ones selected to be her new Mum & Dad. They and their kitty, Nimbus, have welcomed Tara into their little family with open arms (and paws?).

Many thanks to foster peeps, Jo, Damian & Teresa, for being such gracious hosts. We know that this one was tricky to let go of!

Happy furrytail ending, Tara!

A picture tells a thousand words, but you really need to read these words to get the full picture. They call me Tara. I'm a beautiful girl with plenty of love to share and endless energy to burn. Due to an illness in my family, I'm now looking for my very own furrytail ending. Could that be you?

I was around children in my previous home but I have proven to get a bit excited around the littlies, so school age or older would be best, I like my people active and adventurous, as long as they take me along too. I currently have a Malamute foster brother and I'll need a full time fur brother, so long as they're just as playful as I am.

And for the big surprise...I also live with cats! They're alright I guess, but I shouldn't be trusted around their food bowls! I can get a little rough when it's play time but if they tell me they've had enough I listen and back off. Any toys and food are fair game for me and I haven't yet learned what sharing means, so it will be necessary to feed me separately from the other animals of the house.

I'm lucky enough to get two walks a day with my foster peeps, plus visit the dog park if there aren't too many other dogs around, so my new family will need to be willing to keep up with my energy levels. At home I like to know where you are too. It's even easier for me to keep track of you if I'm inside with you right by your feet. I don't mind some outside time, but I'll sing you a song when I'm ready to come back inside. I've shown no escape tendencies and in the past I've happily stayed within 5ft secure fences.

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