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MAYA has found her furrytail ending!

As expected, Maya was a very popular girl with applicants indeed. However, the lucky ones to welcome Maya into their family were Blake & Maddy, who tell us that little Miss bossy-boots has already taken over their bed. Maya still has some growing to do might be time to get a bigger bed!

As always, we could not have helped Maya on her journey from the pound to her forever home without the valuable help of her foster family, the Harrisons. We thank them for once again welcoming one of our dogs into their home as a stopover on the way to happily ever after.

Happy furrytail ending, Maya!

Ok, so you've seen my pictures and fallen in love - then you've read that I'm still really only a baby and thought "She must be mine!" Well, I don't blame you at all! All this cuteness is almost too much to handle. But with such munchkinism also comes great responsibility. So, my adoring fans, please read on.When it comes to doggy mates, I'm pretty picky. Don't like the little ones, don't like the female ones, don't like the little female ones. And, well, some of the boys don't float my boat either. If they're all nice and stuff, I'll walk all over 'em. So I'll need either a male that won't take my pushy tactics or no other dogs at all. Meet and greets with any potential canine brothers are a must.'ve not yet had any exposure to kitties, but if my reaction towards feathery creatures is anything to go by, I shouldn't be trusted.

Being still young, I won't lie, I can be a brat. I get all jumpy and mouthy when I get excited. For those reasons, any children in my new home should be of older school-age as a minimum and the elderly aren't safe around me either. I'll need a family who will help me learn my manners and work with my during this puppy stage. You see, I'm growing at a rate of knots but all I wanna do is play - rough! I have, however, been learning how to sit, give paw, ignore and drop some of the many items that I like to pick up and collect.

I'll need a hone where I'm part of the family. I'd like my people to be ones who are home more often than not and include me in weekend activities. I like to be allowed inside when my people are home, but you must also understand that still being young, some things are fair game for me to play with or chew. I'll need my very own collection of toys to counteract this.

In my foster home, I've not yet shown any escape tendencies, and secure 5ft pool fencing is proving adequate to keep me in. Whilst I'm not showing many signs at this stage, it's possible that I could be affected by mild hip dysplasia. This unfortunately has been let creep into the Alaskan Malamute breed by backyard breeders, but the good news is that it should be easily managed.

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