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HOLLEY has found her furrytail ending!

You may recall that Holley came to us last year from the pound and was adopted after a stint in foster care. We were thrilled that our old girl was getting a second chance at happiness. Sadly however, with a sudden decline in her new Mum's health, Holley found herself back with us only a few months later. Thankfully, Bayley & Codie had just signed up as new foster carers... and they graciously offered to open their home to our sassy litle blue-eyed diva. Little did they know that she would make such an impact on them. We must say that we were surprised when only a little over a week later, they told us that they wanted her to be a permanent member of the family! You could have knocked us down with a feather, but we were so excited that her SHAMROQ journey of ups and downs was ending on a high note.

Happy furrytail ending, Holley! EndFragment

If the Golden Girls TV show was recreated in canine form, I would be a shoe in to play Blanche. Fun, bouncy, larger than life and in denial about my age!!

I am a social butterfly and love mingling with people, old or young, as long as they know how to dish out the admiration and adoration to me. I am respectful of my elders and currently live with school-aged children. I may be slightly past being around the real littlies though, unless they are respectful of dogs and of course always supervised.

My sociability does extend to other dogs, especially out and about. I can be a bit overbearing to other dogs at home and will try to claim humans as my own. It is possible I could co-exist with another easy-going medium to large dog, but would happily be an only-dog too if my people were homebodies.

At home, I am content to be in the yard while you are out, but must be able to come in and be with you when you are home at night, especially if there are storms or fireworks around. I may act all tough and strong, but everyone has their limits!!

My other no-go is cats - well, for their own wellbeing anyway. One cougar in the house is enough! Us women of the world do need to get out and about as much as possible. I love the car and my daily strolls to gossip about the neighbourhood. I do get excited and will pull on the lead - I am still a spring chicken you know!

Basic obedience skills are about as much as I am willing to work with at the moment. Sit, drop and wait are under control, but you can teach a (not so) old dog new tricks. Unfortunately a Husky will never change their stripes though, so recall is not one of them. No off-lead running in unfenced areas for me please. 4ft secure fences are enough to keep me in, but if I get bored, I may try to test out those weak spots underneath with my crafty paws - so dig-proof fencing will be required.

A family with older children who are home lots or a retired couple would be my perfect new housemates. I promise to welcome you home daily with a chorus of excitement - how loved would that make you feel?!

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