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WINKAYDA has found her furrytail ending!

We knew that Winky would be popular, since she loves cats (no, not for breakfast!), so it was no surprise when we got several lovely applications to adopt her. Alicia and her kids were the lucky ones, however, who got to welcome her into their home where she now happily resides alongside her two feline sisters. Thank you to Bella & family for fostering Winky and to Nat for sponsoring her.

Happy furrytail ending, Winkayda!

Heeeeellllloooo petals. How are you Darlings? Winkayda here, but since we're all friends, you can call me Winky. You see, I think that every person I meet is a friend, and...well, anyone that isn't a friend is just someone I haven't met yet.

I'm currently living with children of all ages.

Being of a more mature age, I tend to prefer the older children who let me have my rest and relaxation time. To be honest, a retired couple or person looking for a new doggy pal would be my perfect choice for companions.

I currently live with another dog, but I think I'd prefer to be your one and only. I can be quite protective of my food and my personal space. But in saying that, I'm one of those rare Huskies that'll quite happily live alongside cats & kittens without referring to them as lunch.

Once you get to my age - not that I'm old, mind you - you tend to get pretty set in your ways. I'm an inside-only dog and will let you know that should you forget and lock me outside. I'll let you know when I need to go out and, of course, I'm house-trained, but inside is where I'll choose to be. I'll need a crate as my safe spot. If not, I'll find my own hideaway under a bed somewhere.

My main vice is food. It's just all so tempting! I do need to lose some weight, but I can only really handle light daily walks, just enough to stretch my legs. Car rides though, they're the best! Maybe you're a grey nomad that wants a companion on the open road - that would be perfect!!! Never let me off-lead though - I am still a Husky, after all. Despite my lack of recall, I have no desire to escape my home. Even though I'll be inside more often than not, fences should be 4ft minimum height to ensure my safety. As long as fences are secure with no large gaps, and gates are kept shut, I really can't be bothered to expend unnecessary effort to go wandering.

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