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SKY has found his furrytail ending!

When Sky came to us almost a year and a half ago, we knew that some work would be required. The pound passed on the information from his previous owners that Sky could jump 6 foot fences, didn't get along with other dogs and didn't take kindly to strangers. But you know we like a challenge, right?

It wasn't an easy road but, with a combined effort of foster carers, kennels and trainers, we saw Sky making baby step after baby step. He slowly but surely let down his guard and allowed us in. He no longer resembled the chronic escape-artist that he'd been purported to be and he enjoyed the company of other dogs. The most beautiful discovery of all though was how much love this previously nervous and untrusting boy had to give. When we heard from an old neighbour of Sky's and she told us about his sad and isolated upbringing, his initial timidity all made sense.

Acacia Ridge Pet Resort (and, in particular, the wonderful Karen) did a fabulous job with him and, after awhile, it was time for Sky to transition to a foster home. This presented a small challenge though, with Sky still being fearful of men. Sarajane & Daniel and their furbabies, Haka & Kaora, took it upon themselves to show him how to be part of a family. In fact, they were so convincing in their demonstration that Sky decided he'd like to stay permanently.

The scared little boy who avoided men now loves nothing more than cuddling up with his new Daddy. We're so proud of how far our Sky has come! Thank you to his sponsors, the Heremia-Tarau furbabies, for their ongoing support.

Happy furrytail ending, Sky!

You’ve heard all the sayings, “The Sky is the Limit”, “Sky High” and “Reach for the Sky”. Well yep, the Sky is the limit and that’s what I am looking for. I am a bit of a man of mystery. I was found as a stray and SHAMROQ took me in quite a few months ago.

The Sky you see today is not the same dog from way back then. I was timid and frightened, mainly of men, and very unsure of myself. With a lot of love and patience from the girls at the kennels and then my foster family, I have blossomed into this Sky. A much brighter Sky who is more confident and trusting. And now it’s time to find my very own Happy Ever After.

I will need my new people to be understanding of my past. You don’t need to take pity on me, I am just fine, but you will just need to remember where I came from and give me a little understanding in new situations.

Once I have met you and know you though, we will be BFF’s from here on in. I have met young children and show my gentle side. Although it seems to be behind me, I do have a history of being possessive of my things, so any kids should be dog savvy and school aged or older. I can get a little carried away and be a bit “mouthy” during play time, but I mean no harm. Training and obedience are new concepts to me, but I am a clever guy and learning quickly.

I am a bit awkward on introduction to other dogs, but that is because I am beside myself with excitement. I am very dog social and get on with just about all of them, as long as they aren’t the little type. It’s not that I don’t like them; I just might get a little over excited with them. I will need a doggy companion that can match my high energy and keep up with my play level. Cats and other pocket pets are a no go. I did mention my energy levels, right? Well they are up there. My foster peeps are taking me on a 3km run daily, as long as it’s not too hot. So I will do well as a training companion for you running nuts out there. I love to leap and zoomie around the yard. To keep me safe, fences will need to be secure at 6ft with no gaps underneath.

In this new life, I have seen a whole new side to you human folk, and I like what I see. I love people now and will need to be inside with you as much as I can be. There’s no chance you can lose me around the house, because I will be there with you, right at your feet. I would love a place in a family with a young, energetic couple or with family who devotes time and energy to playing with me. A family that is home more often than not, and can welcome me with open arms. Cuddles are the best, you know!

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