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INDIE has found her furrytail ending!

Beautiful Indie waited patiently for her new family to find her. And find her they did! Despite Darren, Shirley and their Malamute boy, Maloo residing in Cairns, they knew that Indie was the one for them. So off she jetsetted to the tropical North to meet her new family. They tell us that she's slotted in seamlessly, following Shirley around the garden and snuggling up with Maloo to snooze.

Our gratitude goes to Robert & Lisa for fostering this lovely lady and to her guardian angel, Miss Chompey Heremia-Tarau, for her sponsorship (and watchful eye from where she resides now at the Rainbow Bridge).

Happy furrytail ending, Indie!

Indie is a shortform of "independence" or "independent"….. well, duuuuuhhhhhh….. That’s me, Independent Woman. Well maybe I didn’t buy the shoes on my feet, or the clothes I’m wearing – ‘cos I’m a dog!!! (That’s a Destiny’s Child reference there for all of you who aren’t teens of the 90’s). Ok so maybe I am not 100% independent. I do need a new forever home, and that’s where you come in. Here’s what you will have to be able to provide for me. I’m not picky on the family dynamics. Old or young family, I could fit into either. Children should be school age or older, just so I don’t get a little too excited and rough around them.

What I will need though is a canine sibling. Brother preferred. One who is gentle, yet playful and will keep me entertained. You will need to keep us separated at dinner time though, my food is mine!

At night time, I will need my very own sleeping spot inside with you. I like to catch up on the daily events with the family in the evening and have daily quality time, but I will happily spend my day outside if you must leave me and go to work. I am pretty clever, but us Independent Women have to be. I know my basic obedience commands, but am always keen to learn more. A daily saunter of the neighbourhood is enough to keep me happy. But take me with you out and about as much as you can, I love the car! I am a woman of the world, so your fences should be secure and 6ft without any spaces to dig out underneath. All the women who are independent Throw your hands up at me All the honeys who makin' money Throw your hands up at me Or you could just submit an adoption application.

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