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ZOE has found her furrytail ending!

We are very pleased to announce that Miss Zoe has found her forever home with her new Dad, David and his little boy!

Our thanks go to Acacia Ridge Pet Resort - in particular, the very dedicated Karen, who never fails to go above and beyond for any SHAMROQ guests - for taking spectacular care of Zoe during her stay.

Our sincere thanks also go to Zoe's generous sponsor, Nat Bowser.

Happy furrytail ending, Zoe!

Loookkkk into my eyes…. Right here in my pretty baby bluessss…… you will read my profile and help find me the perfect hhooommmmeeeee…. Yeah ok, maybe hypnotism isn’t my greatest talent, but worth a shot, right? These eyes are pretty stunning though! There is more to me than just my looks but. I am a mix of 2 high energy, arctic breeds and still a young ‘un, but that means I am willing to add to my obedience repertoire and learn whatever it is you would like to teach me. (Treats will be required, however – nothing in life is free peeps!)

I am pretty happy-go-lucky and not much phases me. So far, I have only been an outdoors dog, but no doubt I could love to be inside too. I have lived with another dog up until now, and would like a fur-sibling in my new home. I think preferably a brother or maybe an easy going sister.

They should be medium sized or larger who will play with me and keep me entertained. I am a regular at the local dog park, and doggy friends are sooo much fun!!! I have not met any cats or pocket pets yet though, so if you have those, best that they can be kept separate, just in case. It’s not just other dogs I love, but people too. I have lived with a toddler and I know to be gentle with him. I am used to a visit to the dog park and a few walks a week, but I would love to get out and about with you as much as possible. When I am home, I will need 6ft secure fences, without the ability to dig out underneath. Sadly, my current family has had a change of circumstance and feels that there is another family out there that can give me more attention than what they are able to at the moment.

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