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SOPHIA has found her furrytail ending!

This little girl is a prime example of how the stress of the pound environment can affect a dog. Having come in as a stray, when she wasn't reclaimed by her owners, she underwent the usual behaviour assessment at the pound to test for her suitability to be rehomed. And...failed. You see, although Sophia was lovely with humans, she behaved aggressively towards other dogs. So as the pound's request, SHAMROQ took Sophia on and placed her in a foster home without any other dogs.

It didn't take long for Sophia to settle in and become comfortable with foster parents, Jess & Kerrin. And it turned out that the new calmer, confident and content Sophia actually really enjoyed the company of other dogs. Kinda lucky really...since her new hone has three boisterous boy dogs, Harley, Shadow & Norton! The boys (aka Team Harshedow) had a Husky-shaped hole in their hearts after losing the 4th member of their team, their beloved matriarch, Shenook. Sophia has them all smiling again though and playing like lovestruck pups! During her adoption trial, they showed her the ropes of dryland sledding and our little firecracker dug deep and ran her little heart out.

Our thanks go to Jess & Kerrin for their excellent care of Sophia and our congratulations go to Stuart & Kerry for welcoming their fabulous new addition.

Happy furrytail ending, Sophia!

S is for Social - yep, that is me, I love people & dogs alike. My excitement, however, can get the better of me, so I am best suited to children over ten years old that my silliness might not accidentally knock over. Likewise, my dog to dog play style can get a bit rough, so no little dogs either. A canine brother or sister who likes to play, but can also teach me some manners when I get a bit too excited, would be perfect. Cats and other small pets are not recommended.

O is for Obedience - or my developing level of. My foster peeps have been teaching me the basics and my Kelpie heritage means that I am a quick learner. I would love someone that can help mould my young brain and let me show you what I am capable of!

P is for lots of things - Playful, Perfection and Personality, take your pick really. My cheeky, playful personality wins me hearts instantly. My love of life shines through and my foster Mum is often complimented on what a lovely young dog she has.

H is for High Energy - that is what you get when you combine two naturally high energy breeds. I love my daily exercise, whether it is a walk, run or trip to the dog park to play with my friends. Swimming is also a favourite hobby of mine. An active family, couple or single would be my idea of perfection!

I is for Involvement - involvement with my people is a must! I am happy to chill outside during the day and for bed time, but when you are home catching up on Netflix, don't forget to let me watch too!!! On weekends I would love to jump in the car and head out to the park or to the beach with you too - I am family so I wanna come too!!!

A is for Application - come on, you know you want to!! I sound pretty amazing, huh? Well, that is because I am. With an active family made up of any people 10 years or older and hopefully another playful dog, I will be in my element. SHAMROQ will insist that your fences are secure and a minimum of 5ft or higher, with no gaps underneath, and that you will promise to love me forever.

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