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THORN (now Storm) has found his furrytail ending!

Oh dear. My brain really must be scrambled, because I completely forgot to make this announcement. Silly, really...because it's one very close to our hearts here at SHAMROQ! You see, speedy Thorn was fostered by Nicole, one of SHAMROQ's co-founders, and her partner, Luke. The pair already had quite a tight little sled team, consisting of Toohey, Sarge, Baz and completed by Winta, adopted from SHAMROQ in September last year. Well...we thought Winta completed the team. We were wrong. Nicole & Luke fell into the foster-fail trap (to which all of us have fallen victim at one time or another!) and it was decided that Thorn was going nowhere. In order to adopt Thorn, they had to obtain a council permit for a 5th dog. How fortuitous then, that the permit in fact allows them a maximum of 6 dogs...wouldn't you say? We're sure that an even number would be great for sledding *hint hint*... All ribbing aside, please join us in congratulating Nicole & Luke on rescuing yet another deserving little speedracer. To mark the occasion, he's been bestowed with a new name - Storm.

Happy furrytail ending, Storm!

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