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KAI has found his furrytail ending!

Lucky last foster-failure for July was yet another cheeky redhead fellow. Kristy & Dan decided that even numbers are just nicer all 'round, so their Husky trio of Jet, Shika & Shayla expanded by one and Kai is now officially a permanent member of their clan. I guess we should have expected it, with their other little gingernut, Shayla, having been a foster-failure too!

Our thanks go to Sonya & Chris, who sponsored Kai during his time with us.

Happy furrytail ending, Kai!

Have you ever searched your name on Urban Dictionary – it’s amazing how there is always something true to be found. If you search Kai, this is what you find: “A name referring to a boy with everything good in a person (or in my case dog). Kais are huggable, sweet, romantic, talented, and smart. They have great hair, a playful personality, and they're everything good you can think of.” Pretty accurate huh! I am sporting some impressive ginger locks and my foster Mum refers to me as a loving, gentle and affectionate oversized lap dog! I love to be inside with you and a part of the family. If I can come with you when you go out, even better! I do get a little worried when you leave me, maybe you won’t come back! But with some basic training, I am learning that you won’t run away. When you get home, I will shower you with love and tell you all about what you missed while you were gone!

I’m a social kinda guy… so I will need a friend. Female or laid back male and medium sized or larger please. Those yappy little ones with small dog syndrome are sooooo annoying, and cats and pocket pets are too tempting, so none of them either. I’m pretty laid back really, but there is a big wide world out there, and I like to see it, so take me on leisurely strolls as often as you can, at least a few times a week. Even just to the dog park and back. I will wait for you to take me though, I’m not one for escaping, as long as you have secure fences of at least 5ft. So you think you’ve got the perfect home for me? One where you are home lots, have another dog and will include me as one of you? I have met some skin kids out and about and I should be fine with any that are school aged and older, as I can get a bit excitable sometimes.

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