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SAPPHIRE has found her furrytail ending!

We knew that it wouldn't take long for Sapphire to find her forever home! We're pleased to report that she's settled in beautifully with Nick & Yu and their little fur-family of Loki the Husky and Lilith the kitty. Congrats to them all on their lovely new addition and thank you to carers Steph & Samantha for looking after her.

Happy furrytail ending, Sapphire!

StartFragmentUm excuse me please, over here, yep me, I would like to speak with you please. Don’t make me sing to get your attention, cos I will! Ok thank you, here is what I would like to tell you…. Like my namesake, I am very precious. I am still young and puppy-like, so it is up to you to bring out the diamond in the rough, or Sapphire in this case. I will need a gentle hand and positive reinforcement training to mould me into the perfect canine citizen. I am crate-trained already but need to learn what I am and what I am not allowed to play with. What you will not need to teach me is sociability. I have that one down pat! I am friendly with all dogs I meet and even play nicely with my resident foster cats. I have been around people and children of all ages and I love them all too, supervision is always important though, just in case my play gets a little too much for them. My new foster family has shown me the joys of sleeping inside at night, which is very important that I be allowed to continue. I am happily tucked away in my crate though, it is my safe place to sleep, so you had best put one of them on the shopping list. The other thing you will need is a paddling pool just for me, I love to paddle and swim. To keep me safe, my new home should have fences that are secure and 5ft plus with no gaps underneath that my little self might be able to squeeze through. I should never be let off lead in unfenced areas, the outside world is just that little bit too tempting to go explore. I am a young pup just ready to learn all you have to teach me. I will not be your regular type of backyard dog however. I will need stimulation and attention. The more places and things you can show me, the better. Let’s go running together or have evening walk dates. You will be the centre of my world, so in return, I will need to be yours too….. EndFragment


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