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SOLOMON has found his furrytail ending!

Happy furrytail ending, Solomon!

Hi and welcome to my adoption profile! Now that you have seen my fancy pants photos, here is the important stuff. You know, the fine print that you really should read – there will be a pop quiz later! The first thing you will notice is my impressive body of long locks. My woolly coat is my finest feature, but with such beauty comes great responsibility, and brushing. Regular grooming will keep my coat looking its best and also allow plenty of airflow to keep me cool – shaving however is not an option! I have recently been diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. The vets tell me it’s a relatively mild case and I have been treated with a course of injections and supplements. As long as my weight is kept in check and I am allowed to enjoy short daily strolls, it should be relatively manageable. Despite this, I still have a knack for digging, so if there are any loose areas under you fences, I will take advantage of that! Fences of at least 5ft will keep me from trying to go over though. People are awesome. I like them all and am gentle with the young ones. I am a bigger boy though, so I will need to be supervised just in case I get a little excited and knock them over accidentally. Other dogs though aren’t really my thing. I have lived with other social females, but I think I prefer the bachelor lifestyle. I have not lived with cats or pocket pets either, but I have seen some in my new foster yard and they didn’t seem to faze me too much, so maybe with some slow introduction we might be ok. I can’t give you any guarantees though, so they should always have a safe refuge and separated area they can retreat too. In the past, I have been an outdoors kind of guy, but have recently been allowed to be inside at my foster homes, and I must admit, I like it. So in my new home, I should be allowed to be inside with my people when they are home. I think I would like a home where my family are home more often than not, so I am not alone all the time. EndFragment


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