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LINC has found his furrytail ending!

Danny, Adrian, Fletcher & Camryn had fostered for us before, but when they read Linc's adoption profile, they knew that this was a dog that would fit in with them permanently.

Considering that their Mally girl, Shyloh, likes to exercise her right to be boss, she was the one who would give final approval of the new family member...and she took an instant liking to him! Kitties, Grizzles, Monsta & Jellybelly also took it all in their stride and welcomed Linc to the household.

Thank you to his foster carer, Stephanie, for taking such good care of him.

Happy furrytail ending, Linc!

For those of you 30-somethings out there of Generation Y, you may recall a piece of cinematic brilliance from the early 90’s, named Encino Man. In this movie, a couple of high school friends stumbled across a preserved cave man. This caveman has to learn how to live in the 20th Century, but along the way teaches his finders some lessons in life. They named this Caveman Linc…..

There are many parallels between the story of Encino Man and mine, hence why I have been given my name. OK, so I wasn’t dug up in a lump of ice, but as an unclaimed stray with no microchip or knowledge of my past, my foster peeps have been learning about me and showing me how to live the privileged life, as all dogs should.

Here is what they have learned so far….

I am social butterfly to all who I come across, people, dogs, cats and I have even been well behaved around nearby chickens. Yup, you read that right. As with any dog though, I should be supervised around small children and small animals. In my excitement, my tail is very waggy and at child face height. When cats run away from me, I am sure it’s because they want to play chasey, so I join in the game. I will definitely need another dog at home who loves to play; the only child life is not for me. I will be happily safe and secure within 5ft plus fencing. I have never tried to jump or dig to escape. OK, I do dig though, but only to keep my bones and treats in safe keeping. My foster parents have given me my very own sandpit for digging, and I am learning where I can and can’t excavate. I am only young and have lots to learn, however it appears that people may have been unkind to me in my past. If someone waves a stick around, I drop to the ground and cringe in fear. However with reassurance and positive reinforcement training, I will learn that my past is behind me and the only way is up. I would love a family of people who are home more often than not. I love to be with my people as much as possible and will need to be an integral part of the family. If you do need to leave me for a while though, I love to be left with some treat filled enrichment toys and puzzles. I am very clever! I have mastered sit, stay, drop, leave and bed. I am also crate trained and would love to try a weekend sport like lure coursing or group classes.

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