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BEAR has found his furrytail ending!

June was a very, very satisfying month for us, with all six adoptions resulting from families deciding that their foster dogs should become permanent fixtures!

It makes our hearts sing that Bear is one of those foster dogs who is staying put. He's been through some sad and confusing times, but check out the cheeky grin on his face now! The two reasons behind the smile on his dial are right next to him - Elyse & Aidan.

Mind you, big ol' Bear may have returned the favour. Aidan & Elyse had prematurely lost their Husky, Hammer, not too long before. Hammy was a pretty special guy with some interesting quirks and his loss left a gaping hole. When his Mum & Dad were ready to open their home to another dog in need, they came back to us and the rest is history.

So congratulations to this pair...double congratulations actually, since they recently announced their engagement! We know a very cute and furry potential ringBEARer who just adores you both ;)

Happy furrytail ending, Bear!

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