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SNOWCONE has found her furrytail ending!

Our little Snowcone has settled beautifully into her forever home with Monique, Paul and their kids. She's loving her new life...early morning runs around the lake, loping alongside the family on bike rides, hours of attention and cuddles and heading to the beach for adventures. What more could a girl ask for? We think the family are pretty stoked with the arrangement t...oo. Their feedback: "We couldn't be happier. Snowcone is such a bright, bubbly, bouncy pup - perfect for our family!"

Foster Mum Allie was emotional to see Snowcone go, but she can rest assured that she did an amazing job of caring for her and this little lady is exactly where she's meant to be.

Happy furrytail ending, Snowcone!


What’s small, fluffy, cute as a button and has an endless supply of get-up-and-go? Well, the Energiser Bunny has a new name and it is….drumroll please…Snowcone! That’s my name, don’t wear it out, but feel free to try and wear me out instead with plenty of physical and mental stimulation and a whole lotta love. Tiny in stature, I’m definitely more Husky-sized than Malamute, but don’t be fooled...there’s a big personality in this dainty package! Social with other medium to large dogs, I love to run at the dog park and don’t tire easily. If there’s another dog-buddy in your household, he or she should be a playful one who doesn’t need to have all the attention. Admittedly, I can be a bit of an attention hog and like to be centre stage when it comes to basking in the adoration of my people. Call me selfish, but I’m definitely not willing to share the limelight with cats or other tasty pocket pets.

Foster Mum has found the way to my heart - and obedience - is through my stomach, so handing out tasty treats has resulted in me learning the commands of sit, wait, outside and lay down. I’m still working on the ‘down’ command, so perhaps you could continue helping me with that, as I tend to jump up when I’m excited (and Excitable just happens to be my middle name). A home with older kids, if any, would be best as I haven’t really had anything to do with little ones and my boisterous and youthful enthusiasm might just be a tad too much for them. Whether you have another canine friend for me or not, I’ll need you around a fair bit, because human company is my favourite thing of all. I’d suit someone who works part-time or works from home, so I can be the loyal sidekick and constant companion that I was born to be. My mix of breeds may not immediately spring to mind when you think of a lap dog, but you’d better believe that’s my aim in life. I adore pats, cuddles and being lavished with attention. I fall in love quickly and I fall hard, so it won’t be long before I’ve formed a strong bond with you and become your furry little shadow. Of course, I’m housetrained, as being inside, close to you, is where I strive to be. I know that as much as I’d like you to be, you can’t be with me 24/7, so my foster Mum has some ideas for you to keep me occupied when I’m on my own. She hides treats around the yard for me to find and plenty of toys to play with. My favourites are rope tugs, balls, old shirts and Kongs filled with yummy goodies to discover. You could even use a sandpit to hide these surprises, as that would fulfil another pastime of mine – digging! To make sure that my exploring is limited to inside the yard only, your fences should be digproof and 5ft high. Expending my energy stores will help me be more content when you can’t be there also. An hour’s exercise a day is sufficient – I love a good, brisk walk (though you’ll need to bring your muscles along!) and dog park play can make up part of my fitness regime as well. When I’m done being a social butterfly at the off-leash park, I’ll happily jump in the car and curl up for a contented sleep on the way home.


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