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MARLEE has found her furrytail ending!

One look at this young lady and we knew that it was going to be a full-time job to sort through all the adoption applications we would be likely to get! However, we make no apology for taking our time in selecting the ideal home for her. Only the best would do for our little monkey and we needed to ensure that whoever took her into their home would be prepared for her little quirks! When we received David & Gemma's application, we knew immediately that this was 'the one'. We were not perturbed at all that Marlee's perfect home was a couple of states away. After all, we've adopted to every state in Australia! So Miss Marlee jetted off to Melbourne for a brand new start. Her foster parents, Marcus & Melissa, were tearful at the prospect of saying goodbye to their special girl, but happy that she would have a permanent family of her own at last. We all wondered whether it was a sign...Marlee was leaving her foster family of 'M's (Marcus, Melissa and their two Samoyed girls, Mishka & Macy) to live with a new Sammy sister named...MIA!) Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Marcus & Melissa for fostering and also Sonya & Chris, who sponsored Marlee's time with us.

Happy furrytail ending, Marlee! EndFragment

Are you familiar with the term ‘Velcro dog’? No? Then let me be your stunningly beautiful introduction. A Velcro dog is one that likes to be attached to you at the hip, your furry little shadow & companion. Where you go, I go. Just check me out though…why would you want to leave a foxy lady like this anyway? Active, agile & playful, I’m social with other dogs & am currently in care with two equally gorgeous Sammy sisters. I’d do well in a home with another dog of a similar energy level who likes playing games of chasey. However, people are the ones who really have my heart, so another dog for company will be no substitute for human interaction. In my ideal home, there will be someone home more often than not. I’m not all that interested in kids though & don’t feel the need to seek them out. In saying that, I’ve met a couple of the little critters & greeted them with placid acceptance, so perhaps some sensible, not-too-little, not-overly-loud ones might be OK in my new home. Considering my high prey drive for the local possums, there won’t be any cats or other pocket pets though. I’m an enchanting blend of sweet & salty…on one hand, I’m a soft-natured sweetheart & on the other, I can be a cheeky, strong-willed diva with a mischievous glint in her eye. However, positive training & reinforcement only is a must, as I don’t respond to stern or loud voices or sudden movements & will cower or hide in fear of getting a smack. I have basic obedience commands down-pat & aim to please, especially if you reward me with treats & praise. I’m still working on leash manners & remembering not to mouth when I get excited in puppy play. Because I miss you when you’re gone, my reaction is to try & follow. Not only am I glamorous to look at, but there’s a very intelligent & cunning mind within! I admit that I’ll test your fences for potential weak spots & there have been reports that I previously escaped over 6ft fences when I was feeling lonely. However, this has not happened during my time in foster care. My foster parents supervise my time in the yard & keep me securely inside the house when they’re not home. When they leave, I follow them to the door & park myself there in anticipation of them returning. I’m housetrained of course & have been extremely trustworthy inside the house without supervision. I would not cope as an outside-only dog, so it’s absolutely non-negotiable…I must be allowed inside the house. Please be aware that this showstopping coat of mine doesn’t look like this unless you put the work in or are prepared to pay someone else to. Yes, I will matt if I’m not brushed. Yes, I will shed, even if I am brushed regularly. And yes, I am completely worth all the work. Look on the bright side…who needs Crossfit when you can build biceps with regular Sammy-grooming! I’m not all prissy looks though…I’m an action girl as well. I’d adore an active owner with whom I can share a decent walk every day and who might even play a few games of tug with me. I love car rides & jump in any time the door is opened, so it would make me deliriously happy to be able to ride shotgun with you on your adventures.EndFragment

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