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LUMI has found her furrytail ending!

Little Lumi has landed on all four paws with a family that adores her! Clyde, Charmain and their kids were smitten with our tiny charmer from the first time that they laid eyes on her and now she's officially part of their clan.

Our thanks go to her foster parents. Jess and Andrew, for giving her a safe place to stay while she was in our care.

Happy furrytail ending, Lumi!!


While my name is actually the Finnish word for snow, in most languages Lumi is commonly related to light, to illumination. Will you allow me to be the one who lights up your life? I have a lot of love to give, but at the same time, I’m not flaky…I’m a little lady who knows what I want. I may be small, but there’s quite a big personality in this very petite, dainty package. I’ve been thinking about what my new home should be like. I want to be your one and only. My home is my private space and mine alone, so no canine brothers or sisters please. Shock horror though, I have been sharing my home with friends of the adult feline variety, and I have been quite accepting of them, I should however be supervised with any kittens. Small food-like creatures such as chickens and other pocket pets will be a definite no-no in my new home, though human littlies over 5 years old are OK.

I’ve had basic obedience and have quite the repertoire of commands down pat, but would respond well to further training. Despite my tender age, I’m not your typical hyperactive toddler. I’ll still need daily walks but I’m not interested in real athletics, making me easy to manage on-lead. Dare I say it, I’ve actually been accused of being lazy…how rude! I’m a bit of a princess and well, princesses don’t feel the need to work up a sweat. My home will need 6ft fences without any gaps that I can squeeze my teeny-tiny self through. With my loving nature, I’m happiest inside the house near you anyway, where I can take full advantage of all the attention, cuddles and pats available. Beds, couches, laps – they’re all fair game. I would be a good ‘starter Husky’ if you’re new to the breed.


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