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CALLIE has found her furrytail ending!

It's not at all unusual for previous adopters to come back to us to adopt for a second time. Or even a third, as proven by Alecia & Steve! Having adopted both Rusty & Alaska from us in 2014, they were keen SHAMROQ supporters and quick to lend a helping hand with fostering Callie when they heard that she was in need.

It didn't take long before the household, including Rusty..., Alaska, their big Mally brother, Buddy and resident felines, Danno & Smooch, came to a unanimous decision. Callie should stick around and become one of the gang. Callie and her brothers and sister now make up a very impressive little sledding team. They're looking forward to the cooler weather so they can show what they can do out on the track. Congrats Alecia & Steve and thank you for giving Callie the home that she needed and deserved.

Happy furrytail ending, Callie!



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