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ACHILLES has found his furrytail ending!

Little bundle of cuteness, Achilles, has made himself at home with Brooke and Co. like he's been there all along.

Achilles was a part of our Assisted Rehoming Program. We offer this service for those people that find themselves needing to rehome their dogs and would like our guidance. Achilles' previous Mum, Nellie, of course will miss this little guy, but is thrilled with the new family that he has managed to find himself.

Happy furrytail ending, Achilles!



Achilles, known as the Greek Hero of the Trojan war. Or otherwise as one of the cutest little huskies you’ve seen in your life! Me, I fall into the second category. Cute as a button, cheeky to match and ready for my new journey in life – could that be with you? My current family have been great to me, shown me the world and what it has to offer, but it’s time for me to leave the nest and pick my new family. I think they should be active and take me on walks at least once a day. I do enjoy a good Dog Park play date too. But make sure I am in a safe fenced area, being a husky my recall skills are pretty much zip. I’ve not lived with another dog before, but I do like play dates. So, I could be your one and only if you are home more often than not. I have socialised with other dogs at obedience training and the local dog park, so a medium to large doggy sibling is not out of the question either. I do like the kitties a little too much though if you get my drift, so none of them please.

Being a husky I am bouncy, so any skin siblings in the house should be school age or older. I have been around kids as young as 4, but they tend to topple a little too easy when I try to jump up and play with them. I do have some training under my belt, and with some treats to prompt me, I can show you my very best sit, shake and drop. Up until now, I have been an outdoors kinda guy so if you want to me to be inside with you, toilet training is something that I may need to learn. As long as you have secure fences of 5ft or more, I will be quite happy to stay in my yard until walk time. If you go out, I will be quite content if you leave me with some toys and maybe a nice juicy bone.


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