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SAM has found his furrytail ending!

Sam is one of many ‘foster-failures’ for the month of April.

He’s decided that he’s staying put with Katie and her family, including little Husky, Willow who is very excited to have a big brother.

Happy furrytail ending, Sam!


So you’ve read up about us Malamutes, and thought “mmm, they sound a little like hard work”…. Well not this one! I am here to tell you, we ain’t all high maintenance! As a distinguished gentleman, I’ve grown out of that silly puppy stage and am happy to just fill in my days hanging out with my family. I am good with all people – big ones, little ones, old ones and young ones. The same goes for other dogs – whatever shape or size, I have been known to get along with them all. That theory has not been tested with cats or other pocket pets though, so if you have those, they will need to be able to be kept separate. I am house trained, but also am quite happy to relax out in my yard when you are not home. I have not shown any interest in escaping before, and if as long as you have secure fences of 4 feet or more, I will be waiting here for you when you come home. I enjoy a stroll once a day to keep me fit as a fiddle and be sure to take me out in the car, that is my favourite!

Well, we can’t be all perfect and everyone has their “quirks”. Those big bad storms do unsettle me a little, and the vet – who likes going there! But be there to reassure me that everything will be ok, and I will believe you. I am an affectionate guy under all this fluff, but I will bark and let you know when strangers are hanging around our home. Sadly, my owner is soon moving overseas and can’t take me too, so with the help of SHAMROQ, we are looking for my perfect new family.


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