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KAHLUA has found her furrytail ending!

Anyone who has met Kahlua has fallen for this dainty lady’s charms. She’s simply one of the most gentle, loving creatures you could imagine, but she showed her fighting spirit when a paralysis tick tried to take her down. While it cost us the equivalent of a secondhand car, we can say that she is worth every cent!

Kahlua is being spoiled rotten as every lady should be…safe..., happy and loved by her new parents, Wendy & John. Thank you to her foster parents, Emily & Joe for opening their home and hearts to our beautiful girl while she was awaiting her permanent family.

Happy furrytail ending, Kahlua!


Well aren’t I just a little package of perfection! These baby blues are just the tip of the iceberg peoples, because from here on in, it’s all a glowing report. Kahlua here. Petite and sweet; cutie and patootie. So I have had some tough times. I was dropped at the pound by my original people. No one can figure out why though. I also had a run in with a tick whilst in foster care. But Kahlua 1, Tick 0… My battle included an all over bad haircut, but I am almost back to my former furry glory. It’s all up from here though! Maybe you have what it takes to be my new forever family?

Do you have 5ft high, secure fences? Great! That’s what I will need to keep me safe. I’m not an escape artist by any means, but I am teeny tiny, so any gaps under fences may be too tempting. I am also a lover, not a fighter. So I’ll love any type of doggy brother or sister. Any size will do, as long as they play with me! I’ve not met a cat though, and well I am a Husky, so best not tempt fate there, unless we can be kept separate.

I am a bit of a homebody and love my people. So I will want to be with you lots. That includes a spot near you inside where I can curl up to sleep at night time. Kids are great too! As long as they are supervised and are considerate, we’ll be great friends. Whilst I am not as demanding as some other arctics when it comes to exercise, I would still need a few leisurely strolls a week. I have been taught my please’s and thank you’s and know how to use my manners. I’m gentle and can sit and love to have a conversation with you about anything and everything. I will trade treats and praise for most things you ask of me, but there is one thing I love the most – you! Your personal Husky cuddlebug reporting for duty! Like my namesake, I am smooth and silky, and time with me will make you feel all warm and good inside, but I won’t give you any headaches or make you feel anything but love.

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