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BEAU has found his furrytail ending!

Beau's new Mum & Dad, Kathy & John, tell us that he already has quite the fan club around their neighbourhood!

He's fit in perfectly with Shorty, their little wirehaired Dachshund x Aussie Terrier too.

Big thanks to Caitlin and Aarun for giving our handsome gentleman a place to crash while he waited for the right permanent home.

Happy furrytail ending, Beau!

Man of mystery here, at your service. Not the type you might have seen in the 007 movies, more the type like Arnie in Total Recall, no one really knows who I am or where I came from. I was found wandering in a small town cemetery a few months back and no one ever came to reclaim me. With no microchip or collar, no one has ever discovered who I was in my former life. But you know what? That is ok, cos with SHAMROQ’s help, and maybe yours, my new life is just about to begin. At a guess, my carers and vets think I am about 8 years old. I love to be the centre of attention, at your feet wherever you might be. I don’t want to get lost ever again! So my new people must be able to let me inside to be with them at night and whenever they are home. I would like my people to be home more often than not. Maybe a retired person just like me would be a good fit. I could be a family guy too but, I do have manners around the little people.

Being a distinguished gentleman, I don’t care for lots of activity. Gentle strolls are my favourite, with the odd drop by the Dog Park to keep up to date with current canine events. I am doggy social. I have lived with a small dog whilst I was looking for my family and now have a young whipper snapper of a Labrador for a foster sister. I don’t mind joining in at playtime, but if I have had enough, I will just go sit down and watch quietly. I have been in a home with cats before, and they were fun to chase. But maybe if they have their own safe place and we are closely supervised when together, that might work. At home, I will happily stay within secure 4ft fences with no large gaps underneath. I am not one for escape tactics. But make sure the gates are safely shut, or I might take myself out and about. Overall, I am just a simple, placid guy who doesn’t ask for much, just a home with lots of company where I can happily enjoy my retirement, right by your side.


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