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NEMO (now Floki) has found his furrytail ending!

As SHAMROQ enters its third year of operation, things don't look to be slowing down any! While our page has been slightly quieter than usual recently, never fear that behind the scenes, we're working around the clock on rescuing more dogs and of course, finding them fantastic homes.

We admit that we didn't have to try too hard to do that for Nemo. His foster Dad, Peter had been taking excellent care of him, but it was time for Peter to take an extended over-seas holiday and therefore deliver Nemo into the capable hands of a new foster family. Enter Melissa & Marius, who had been toying with the idea of adopting a Malamute.

We suggested fostering as a great way to get some hands-on breed experience before making any commitment. You all know what happened, right? Commitment made! Nemo has made himself right at home and had a name change in the process.

So it is with much thanks to Peter and Acacia Ridge Pet Resort (who lovingly minded Floki in the interim) and to Floki's sponsors, Sonya & Chris and the Heremia-Tarau Furbabies, we announce that this young man is finally home with proud new parents.

Happy furrytail ending, Floki!


Finding Nemo? Yup, you’ve found him! Probably not the little red clownfish you were expecting though, huh? For a start, fish don’t have ears and well…I could just about pick up pay TV with my impressive pair. It’s likely that I’ll grow into them eventually, but for now, I’m still in that gangly, awkward teenager phase, having just celebrated my first birthday. I‘m an energetic fellow and am currently enjoying an hour’s jaunt around the neighbourhood per day. Anyone looking for a new member of their sledding team? Stand back and take in my long legs and athletic physique…I might just be a natural. I’m young enough to train from scratch, but old enough to start sledding straight away.

I’d do just fine as an only dog if you’re home more often than not, but ideally you’ll have another playmate for me. Possibly a medium to large female might suit me best. You’ll just need to feed us separately, as I’m pretty sure that all of the food is actually meant for me. A couple of kitties live in my foster home, though they’re a little scared of me, so they hide or stay very still because they know that moving quickly will pique my interest. I’m interested in playing with them, but not aggressively. If the cats in your home are dog-savvy, we may possibly be able to co-exist. With my youthful enthusiasm and love of treats, I’m at a perfect age to train. In fact, I already have basic obedience such as sit, give paw, stay, lie down and I’m also housetrained. I actually prefer inside life, because I like to feel like one of the family. The kids I’ve met have been fun and I wouldn’t mind sharing my new home with some of primary school age and upwards. For outside time, you’ll need secure 6ft fencing, as there are springs in these lanky legs of mine and if anything interesting catches my eye on the other side of the fence, I may be tempted to do a Tigger-bounce over for a closer look. In true puppy-like fashion, I have a love of chew toys and soft toys. I also enjoy car rides (an alternate form of transport to flapping my impressively large ears and taking off), so why not take me on your next adventure?

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